May 2 • 40M

The developer experience of building a database | Tara Hernandez (MongoDB, Google)

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Abi Noda
A weekly podcast covering how top companies measure and improve developer productivity
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Tara Hernandez, the VP of Developer Productivity at MongoDB, joins the podcast to give an inside look at what the developer experience looks like at an organization that develops a database. Here, Tara shares what it looks like to develop, test, and release changes at MongoDB, while also providing insight into how the company invests in developer productivity more broadly. 

Discussion points: 

  • (0:57) What was going on at the time Tara joined 

  • (4:37) Tara’s perspective on the buzz of platform engineering

  • (7:38) What’s involved in building and testing a database

  • (10:11) The development environment at MongoDB

  • (13:14) How testing works

  • (16:50) What the release process looks like

  • (19:27) What goes into performance testing a release

  • (21:31) MongoDB’s investment in engineering enablement 

  • (22:39) Takeaways from working on databases

  • (24:24) Affecting cultural change

  • (26:40) Opportunities Tara’s team identified to change culture

  • (29:12) Managing technical debt

  • (33:06) MongoDB’s culture around developer experience 

  • (34:59) Why Evergreen CI is open source

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