Apr 26 • 53M

How teams use productivity metrics at LinkedIn | Max Kanat-Alexander (LinkedIn, Google)

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Abi Noda
A weekly podcast covering how top companies measure and improve developer productivity
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Max Kanat-Alexander, the Tech Lead for the Developer Productivity and Insights Team at LinkedIn, shares an inside look at LinkedIn’s metrics platform and how teams across the organization use it.

Discussion points: 

  • (1:31) Why Max shares how his team is measuring productivity

  • (3:20) Why some teams use metrics and some don’t 

  • (6:03) The types of metrics Max’s team focuses on

  • (12:59) The role of TPMs

  • (17:05) How Max would measure productivity if he weren’t at LinkedIn

  • (25:04) Surprises in how teams are using metrics at LinkedIn

  • (31:27) The tooling required to enable metrics for teams to use

  • (36:41) Qualitative versus quantitative metrics

  • (40:39) Measuring code quality at Google 

  • (46:16) Whether a centralized team should own measurement

Mentions and links:
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